High Strength Patching Compound

  • Shrinkage compensation system
  • Iron Free
  • High compressive, flexural and bond strength
  • Reduced bleeding and segregation
  • Superior workability for plastic or flowable consistency

ABA 10C Expancrete Premix is supplied as a ready mix dry powder. It is specifically formulated to produce a non-shrink, non-metallic, chloride and nitrate free grout. The low water requirement ensures high early strength and long term durability. The silica sand grading is designated to aid uniform mixing and to minimize bleeding and segregation.

For both industrial and domestic use, it is an ideal emergency product to have at all times.


25kg multi ply paper bag


12 months if stored under the right conditions in unopened containers.

Ensure that the substrate is sound and clean. All loose materials must be removed. Wet the substrate with water but ensure that there is no free surface water before installing ABA 10C Expancrete Premix
For large areas of application e.g floor toppings or concrete repair works, an appropriate bonding agent from the ABA Range should be used. Formwork or saw cut edges may be required to control expansion.


To achieve the desired consistency, the following volume of water is recommended:

Consistency Water Required per 25kg bag
Plastic 3.8L (+/- 0.1L)
Flowable 4.4L (+/- 0.1L)

For desired results, use a mechanically powered grout mixer. The selected water content should be accurately measured and poured into the mixer followed by ABA 10C Expancrete Premix and mixed until a uniform consistency is obtained, usually 3 to 5 minutes depending on mixer type. Do not mix more materials that can be installed and finished within 20 minutes.


Once mixed, do not re-tamper with water. For flowable consistency, place the ABA 10C Expancrete Premix into formwork from one side only so as to avoid air-entrapment. Place in a continuous operation to eliminate voids. For plastic consistency, tamping is essential to achieve good compaction. Do not vibrate.