ABA is much more than a product. With ABA, you acquire a promise of performance that supports you on every building site both for new construction projects and in modernisation and renovation work. ABA is another name for today’s solutions to building site challenges. Our aspiration is nothing less than the ultimate in product performance, ease of use and service quality. We provide supportive “How-to” application guides to make sure you get the best support.


Our products are frequently used in complex situations. Every site is unique in terms of climate, specific conditions of the building, use of diverse building materials, organisation of different phases, etc. ABA products meet even the most challenging requirements. And when our customers need help in assessing a situation or in using specific building materials, our experts analyse and advice.

Drawing on the resources at our global research and development centres, our team is able to carry out comprehensive analyses all the way through to material assessments and building recommendations. For example, we can also provide advice on the use of unconventional building materials in conjunction with ABA products. And upwards of a certain project size, we even use our development capabilities as an innovation leader to tailor our product properties to a project’s specific requirements.


Today, executing a major project can mean supplying products to a building site in Thailand while liaising with architects in Singapore and clarifying contractual issues with the developer in Germany, all at the same time. ABA can do it.

If you have any questions about ABA products or their use in your project, please contact us.