Single Component Coating

  • Showers, bathrooms, laundries, balconies
  • Long-term flexibility, excellent adhesion
  • Ready to use, low VOC

UNDERTILE WATERPROOFING is a tough, ready to use waterproofing membrane specifically designed to use under tiles. UNDERTILE WATERPROOFING is totally resistant to re-emulsification once cured and not affected by temperature extremes.

UNDERTILE WATERPROOFING is flexible, safe to use, low in odor and is fully compatible with polymer modified tile adhesives.




12 months if stored under the right conditions in unopened packaging.

The surface to be coated should be clean, dry, sound and free from oil, grease, form release agents or bond-breakers and other contaminants. All areas of loose or flaking paint must be removed to a firmly bonded substrate. Concrete surface pores must be open to enable good adhesion.

CONCRETE: New Concrete should be at least 28 days old or sealed with one coat of DAMP PROOF MEMBRANE at 3m2 per litre and left to cure overnight. Old concrete that are damp or wet will require at least 24 hours of thorough drying.

RENDER & SCREEDS: New renders & screed should be cure for at least 7 days or seal with one coat of Damp-Proof Membrane at 3m2 per litre and left to cure overnight. Old wet renders & screed should be thoroughly dried for at least 24 hours.

FIBRE CEMENT, PLASTERBOARD (wet area grade): Remove dust from the board. Apply ABA MULTIPURPOSE PRIMER AND ADDITIVE with brush, long nap roller or conventional spray evenly at the recommended coverage rates if the surface is porous. Allow a drying time of at least 1 hour.

CRACKS AND VOIDS: UNDERTILE WATERPROOFING can be applied directly over hairline cracks. All other cracks should be treated with a neutral cure silicone. Other deep surface imperfections should be repaired using ABA RAPIDSET REPAIR MORTAR and allowed to cure for 7 days before applying the membrane.

Apply with roller, brush or spray in two or more thin coats till desired thickness is achieved. Ensure that the coating is applied evenly at the recommended dry thickness.

Recommend minimum DFT is 500 - 800 microns after 2 coats. For WFT apply 500 microns +/- 100 microns per coat. Recoating interval is approx. 45 minutes from last coat. For final coat, allow UNDERTILE WATERPROOFING to cure for at least 4 hours before screeds or render can be laid.


5l of UNDERTILE WATERPROOFING will cover approx. 5-7m2 for 2 coats.